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SUSTAINABLE CHRISTMAS IDEAS – STABILO Grow Set with personalised name laser-engraved in the wood.

15. June 2023

The high-quality STABILO Grow Set is a great gift idea for Christmas. The personalisation option with a name laser-engraved in the wood makes the sustainable duo, consisting of a rollerball and fountain pen, a gift that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

The STABILO Growball rollerball and STABILO Grow fountain pen score highly in terms of writing comfort and are real eye-catchers thanks to their high-quality design and three color-and-wood combinations. The three harmoniously coordinated color-and-wood combinations – blueberry blue and beech, moss green and oak, and plum red and cherry – show just how attractive environmental awareness can be.

The trendy color combinations give it an impressive look and a strong impact that lasts thanks to its STABILO brand quality. The wooden shaft provides space for advertising – promotional messages or individual names can be added using laser engraving. These then appear in the wood’s underlying color, giving the pen a harmonious appearance. Personalisation with a laser-engraved name makes an ideal personal touch, particularly at Christmas time.

The practical KraftPak packaging on individual pens or sets of 2 has a brown cardboard look, offers additional advertising space and allows a view of the pen through a charming window in the shape of a tree, showing messages or individual engraved names to their best advantage.

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STABILO Promotion Products traditionally offers popular STABILO products in festive editions for Christmas.

Sustainable and appreciative Christmas presents – the STABILO Grow Set and the STABILO Christmas Edition 2023 are sure to delight companies and customers alike.