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STABILO Pens in Pantone

What is Pantone?

Pantone is the name of the company that developed the Pantone Matching System in 1963. This assigns colors a unique name and a unique color mixture. The matching system ensures a uniform color understanding in the printing service sector.
Pantone 363 C is more accurate than “light grass green“.

Why does STABILO use Pantone?

You have given a lot of thought to how your STABILO pen should be colored – we want you to end up with a pen that is exactly as you imagined it to be.

By specifying your desired color as a Pantone value, there is no room for interpretation!

So when we say “Our pens are available in Pantone”, we mean that you will receive our pens in your very own company color, which we can guarantee by specifying the Pantone value.

Your color, your brand

Nothing gives your brand as much character as color! We associate something with colors, colors are emotional and lively. Your customers associate your brand color with your company. When communicating with advertising material, it is therefore particularly important that the product has your own individual color and thus conveys your brand values.

STABILO pens: Colorful and very individual

With us you can color your favorite STABILO pen in your Pantone color.

Being colorful is what we deal with every day. After all, we are the splash of color in the market. In this way we convey emotions and generate enthusiasm over and over again. The best prerequisite for helping you to hit the right note for your communication with STABILO pens.

Which STABILO pens do I get in Pantone colors?

Most of our pens are available in Pantone colors and labeled with a Pantone fan. For detailed information on suitable pens, minimum order quantities and prices, please contact our Customer Service.

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