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Posted on: January 18th, 2021 by Nando

Vitamins in peak condition – for your brand communication.

With QUBE FRUITS, a concept from STABILO Promotion Products, we show you and your customers how advertising can look on STABILO products. Be inspired by our not altogether serious way of raising awareness of the innovative and perfectly practical shape of fruits to come via STABILO promotional tools.

It’s just a shame that cubic fruit doesn’t really exist.
After all, they have precisely the product characteristics that we value at STABILO Promotion Products: they are tasteful and innovative, perfectly shaped and as natural as possible.

Which brings us back to one of our favourite topics: high quality writing instruments and original packaging concepts. Should you wish to find out how you can captivate your target groups with STABILO products, why not chat online with us or call our service team on:

Sales team +49 911 567 3455

With QUBE FRUITS, STABILO shows what advertising on STABILO products can look like.