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30. août 2021

Hygiene and sustainability play a more important role today than ever before. STABILO offers sustainable products made of FSC wood, organic plastic and recycled plastic, as well as writing instruments with antibacterial surfaces.

Previously, the target group for sustainable promotional products was people of all ages who are quality and environmentally conscious – nowadays, awareness of the importance of sustainability has reached the population at large and it is now almost expected that companies act sustainably up to and including the promotional products sector. As a family business and global brand, STABILO has always assumed responsibility for people and the environment and is an industry pioneer with its environmentally friendly products.

STABILO offers a large selection of green products with sustainable promotional options in every category. The STABILO GREENstyle, the STABILO pointball push-button ballpoints and the STABILO GREEN BOSS highlighters are all made of recycled material; the STABILO GREENfancy push-button ballpoint pen’s casing is made of biodegradable plastic, and the STABILO GREENcolors pencils and many other graphite and colored pencils are made of FSC wood. STABILO produced the first pen to consist of 87% recycled plastic: the STABILO GREENpoint fibre-tip pen was consequently awarded a Cradle to Cradle silver certificate. Its extensive portfolio of green products makes STABILO an expert in sustainable promotional pens.

And in these times of increased hygiene awareness and requirements, the STABILO prime antibac and the STABILO bright antibac twist-action ballpoint pens in white boast impressive, special antibacterial surfaces. These modern promotional pens can be passed from hand to hand with a clear conscience: silver ions in the plastic prevent bacteria settling on the surface and ensure an antibacterial effect. Perfect as a promotional item wherever high hygiene standards apply.

Sustainability and hygiene – taking responsibility together.

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