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STABILO Promotion Products is Recipient of PSI Sustainability Awards 2017.

30. August 2021

PSI Sustainability Awards go to the most sustainable products, campaigns and companies in the promotional product industry with respect to ecological, economic and social factors. STABILO Promotion Products has been awarded first prize in the categories of “Environmental Excellence” and “Sustainable Product Line”.

Sustainability is an important topic in the promotional product industry. Independent efforts to strike a balance between economic, ecological and social aspects and document them transparently are given special recognition by the PSI Sustainability Awards. In addition to there being multiple awards in eight fixed categories in these areas, two special awards were also handed out: “Influencer of the Year” and “Most Sustainable Start-up”.

The award winners of PSI Sustainability Awards were honoured during a ceremony at Wiesbaden Kurhaus on 8 September 2017. MCs for the programme were Michael Freter, Managing Director of the Promotional Product Service Institute (PSI), Stefan Schulze-Hausmann, a science journalist and founder of the German Sustainability Award, and host Tamara Sedmak, a Swiss television host and actress.

STABILO Promotion Products has been awarded first prize in the categories of “Environmental Excellence” and “Sustainable Product Line”. The category of “Environmental Excellence” recognises existing certificates for environmental management and sustainable products from an ecological perspective, such as FSC or Blauer Engel. STABILO GREENline in the STABILO Promotion Products line of wooden pencils made of FSC wood, highlighters made of recycled materials and plastic ballpoint pens with a housing made of biodegradable plastic has been awarded first prize in the category of “Sustainable Product Line”.

Harry Saffer, Managing Director at STABILO Promotion Products, took part in a podium discussion on the topic of “Sustainability – Nice to Have or Must Have?” together with Kathrin Stuehmeyer, Managing Director at Halfar. Host Stefan Schulze-Hausmann asked the participants concerning the companies’ perspective on the topic of applied sustainability and its importance. “As a family business and a global brand, STABILO has been acting responsibly for the good of people and the environment since the very beginning. This aspect has always been a top priority in our company policy”, Harry Saffer said.

For the third year in a row now, the STABILO Promotion Products marketing team has invested a great deal of effort in preparing extensive application documents with challenging requirements and is therefore all the more delighted at having received two awards at the same time this year.


Video Award ceremony

Image source: psi-messe.com