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CLEAN PEN – CLEAN WORKPLACE – STABILO prime antibac & STABILO bright antibac.

30. August 2021

The STABILO prime antibac and the STABILO bright antibac in white feature a special surface with an antibacterial effect. With plenty of space for advertising, the two twist-action ballpoint pens have a clean look and make the ideal promotional product wherever high hygiene standards apply.

The modern STABILO prime antibac and STABILO bright antibac twist-action ballpoint pens can be passed from hand to hand with a clear conscience: silver ions in the plastic prevent bacteria settling on the surface and ensure an antibacterial effect for the entire duration of its use. Perfect as a promotional item wherever high hygiene standards apply!

The linear design of the pens and the gleaming white of the pen shafts lends a clean look to these cool promotional products. The STABILO prime antibac makes an excellent impression with its elegant metal tip and convenient super-capacity refill in STABILO’s high brand quality. The STABILO bright antibac impresses with its slimline look, tried-and-tested X20 refill and excellent value for money. Both pens are made in Europe and offer plenty of room for promotional messages on the shaft, top and clip.

STABILO prime antibac and STABILO bright antibac – from hand to hand with a clear conscience.

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