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5. January 2023

A strong duo – the STABILO Grow fountain pen and STABILO Grow rollerball are an impressive pair of sustainable advertising messengers. Fully customisable – with space for advertising or individual laser-engraved names on the wooden shaft.

The STABILO Grow fountain pen and STABILO Grow rollerball boast a high level of writing comfort and are real eye-catchers thanks to their elegant design and three color-and-wood combinations. The three harmoniously coordinated color-and-wood combinations – blueberry blue and beech, moss green and oak, and plum red and cherry – show just how attractive environmental awareness can be.

Environmental protection does not have to compromise on trendy design and writing comfort. Blue or black – a choice of ink color gives the STABILO Grow rollerball an additional personal touch. The STABILO Grow fountain pen ensures a soft writing feel and glides smoothly over the paper thanks to its high-quality stainless-steel nib with an integrated iridium tip. In addition, the new STABILO Grow boasts maximum leakage protection and an extremely long service life. It comes with a standard royal-blue ink cartridge – so you can enjoy writing with it straight out of the box. The STABILO Grow is compatible with all commercially available standard cartridges.

The trendy color combinations give it an impressive look and a strong impact that lasts thanks to its STABILO brand quality. The wooden shaft provides space for advertising – promotional messages or individual names can be added using laser engraving. These then appear in the wood’s underlying color, giving the pen a harmonious appearance.

The option to have the pens individually packaged, which allows a view of the pen through a window in the shape of a tree, shows messages or individual engraved names to their best advantage.

The environmentally friendly choice of materials and the use of renewable resources such as sunflower seed hulls, cellulose and FSC®-certified wood reduces the use of virgin plastic. For each individual component of the sustainable fountain pen, the best material has been carefully selected to meet its specific requirements: the shaft of this trendy writing companion is made using FSC®-certified beech, cherry or oak wood from Germany. The surface is treated with natural linseed oil to ensure a natural wood finish and protect against dirt and moisture. This protective finish can be renewed using cooking oil. The grip is made using up to 100% bio-plastic. Tall oil and cellulose fibre residue from paper manufacturing is processed into a plastic polymer, and there you have it – an environmentally friendly plastic alternative made from bio-based, renewable resources. What’s more, some of the plastic used in the cap can be replaced with natural fibres from sunflower seed hulls, which are a waste product from the food industry.

But that’s still not enough for STABILO: the remaining, unavoidable CO2 emissions that occur during product manufacture are offset by supporting a certified climate protection project. In keeping with the “cradle-to-grave” principle, all emissions – from the manufacture to the recycling of the product – are taken into account. The certificate provided by our partner myclimate also ensures that the reduction in CO2 emissions which would have been impossible without STABILO’s support is clearly allocated. This constitutes a genuine additional reduction in CO2 to offset the unavoidable emissions caused by the product.


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STABILO Grow – an elegant advertising messenger for a “green” conscience.