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New supervision of STABILO promotion products in France


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Mattia Armeniaco is taking over the supervision of STABILO promotion products in France.

Mattia Armeniaco has been part of the STABILO family for a while now. After joining STABILO Italy in 2017 and taking on responsibility for STABILO Promotion Products’ Italian market, in 2018 he also became the contact person for customers in France.

Mattia can speak both French and his mother tongue, Italian, fluently, so he can guarantee reliable, country-specific support in both countries. Mattia Armeniaco completed his Bachelor’s degree in Italy and his Master’s degree in France. He brings with him many years of sales experience in the consumer goods sector in France, Italy and the UK, and will profit from the experience he acquired in STABILO’s Italian promotion products market.

By appointing Mattia Armeniaco, STABILO is placing renewed emphasis upon proximity to customers through local partner assistance in the respective local language – as was the case in Italy.

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